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    Garden Master Class
The garden masterclass sessions havenow ended, however, much of the information contained in these pages is still very relavent and useful, so we have decided to leave the page active.
Monthly News Letter July 2017
Monthly News Letter June 2016
Monthly News letter May 2016
Here follows gardening winter topic's

   By turning over your soil (digging) in the vegetable garden and leaving  it rough the frost and wind will break it down in to a tilth by March.
Clearing Rose Leaves
  By collecting up dead rose leaves from around the bases  of your roses   and burning them you will reduce the attacks of Black Spot and    Mildew by 60%
  Drenching the soil with a mild dilution of Jey’s Fluid even more spores  will be killed off. If gravel or paving runs close to the rose beds drench  these as well.
Compost Heap Turning
   If your compost heap is a year old or so turn the contents over into a     new heap
  Check all supports and tying of trees and climbers
Snow Clearing
  When clearing snow from paths and drives heap on to  flower and    shrub beds. It is full of plant nutrients and will feed the plants in the    bed
Monthly News letter April 2016
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Monthly News letter
December 2015
 Check Over Tools
 Check all your gardening tools, clean, replace  and repair as required.  Clean tools work far better than unclean.
  Clean mowers and if they needs servicing’ book it in now.
  Outside Woodwork
 Paint or treat and repair all outside woodwork including outdoor      garden furniture
 Plan Ahead
 Work out seed list for both flowers and vegetables
 Read your Brian Davis Gardening News Letters
  Brian Davis Gardening
                                                              Master Class Questions and Answers
             A chance to ask questions regarding any garden problems you may have. From pest and diseases, plant identification,      
             choosing a plant for a special place in your garden and much more.
               Bring with you an image, sketch plan or live samples which will help the question to be dealt with by Brian. Issuing    
             questions in advance to Brian by email is also acceptable. Brian will read out your question at the session if you prefer.
Master Class Topics 2017

Brian's Master Classes for 2017 have now ended
                                                             Charges and times sent on request from [email protected]
                                              Students working towards their RHS Certification will find all the above classes of value
                  In addition each month Brian's Free Monthly Gardening News Letter is published to students and non students

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