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Hi I'm Adrienne. 3 years ago I realised, with the imminent arrival of a new grandson and my 60th birthday, that my enjoyment of life was being severely restricted by my weight. Weight Watchers helped me regain that love of life and I decided to help others achieve their goals too. Life has never been sweeter! If I can do this you can too! Just pop in to one of my fun friendly meetings. There's never been a better time to be a better you! Please contact me on the details on this page...
Hi, I'm Sherry the happy, confident Weight Watchers Leader who got to goal after years of yo-yo dieting! I am no longer Sherry, the 'plump friend' as I was described by someone to one of my closest friends. I decided then that yo-yo dieting was over, being plump was over, giving reasons why I could not lose weight was over. So, in January 2009 it was time for hitting goal with Weight Watchers! That feeling of achievement, elation and joy was one I wanted to share and help others to achieve. That is why I became a Weight Watchers Leader, that is why I feel the same sense of achievement, elation and joy when I see one of my members hit goal.
            Adrienne Jones
            07989 288 040
           Sherry Rodway
           07717 295 457

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